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Miu and you can Kokichi possess an extremely bad relationships, both hating another heavily


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Miu and you can Kokichi possess an extremely bad relationships, both hating another heavily

Kokichi has actually teasing K1-B0 due to K1-B0 becoming not aware and you will a robotic, ergo and work out him a simple address. K1-B0 is quite shameful which have Kokichi for this reason and many times asks your to stop. Kokichi seem to is the robot since “Kee-boy”, regardless if he said however rather end up being titled Keebo.

Although not http://datingranking.net/tr/seekingarrangement-inceleme/, Kokichi will most likely not appear to have a destructive purpose, when he seems really finding K1-B0. Their decisions looks similar to lack of knowledge and you will simple bigotry, when he seemingly considers crawlers interesting and “cool”, but he believes they aren’t some body, and thus he doesn’t remove K1-B0 such a bona-fide people. He’s thinking about K1-B0, attempting to get along with “the latest robot” and childishly going after him so that you can touch your, apparently maybe not comprehending that his choices are offending and condescending. He including curiously requires about how brand new bot characteristics, for example asking on the their individual bits, and you will seems distressed in case the answers are duller than he expected. He in addition to wanted to get skyrocket punched by the K1-B0, however the robot said he doesn’t have including means, hence produced Kokichi very disappointed and you will question why new bot also is obtainable.

Kokichi continues to dump K1-B0 inside the a discriminating and you will even more horrible trends on game. The guy can recommend K1-B0 have to do heavy really works, while the he could be a robotic, and you can have citing that he is not a man. Once they enter the Neo Business System the very first time, Kokichi nearly instantly slaps K1-B0, purportedly to test how it operates when you look at the program. He usually introduces how K1-B0 differs from the others and isn’t a man, and you may explains his difficulties with information person feelings. not, in the one point, the guy seems undoubtedly astonished by the proven fact that K1-B0 you are going to undoubtedly know individual thinking.

The guy also often insults her and phone calls their a beneficial pervert due in order to the girl sexual nature

Into their whiteboard, Kokichi relates to K1-B0 given that “weird”, and you may considering their cleverness you’ll be able which he try paranoid and you can suspicious off a robot within the a killing video game form one logically is to possess humans.

Notably, after Kokichi’s dying and reading his last terms of Kaito, K1-B0 is just one whom seems to accept that their perishing words might have been the fresh sincere insights rather than a lay. Offered his inner sound, he had been very likely proper.

For the extra means Biggest Skill Invention Bundle, just after spending 36 months just like the Kokichi’s classmate, K1-B0 admits that he considers Kokichi their buddy regardless if the guy is not fond of his robophobia. Kokichi looked undoubtedly surprised, but quickly continued within his common flirting fashion, though the guy in addition to pointed out that K1-B0 is quite smart getting a robot which means brand new indicate one thing Kokichi says to your extremely ought not to number so you’re able to your.

Miu Iruma

She insults him of the getting in touch with your an excellent shota and you may a compulsive liar (throughout the English type, she goes further of the getting in touch with your “sleeping nothing abortion”). Kokichi, therefore, was shown to be extremely annoyed and you may disgusted because of the Miu, will contacting the girl from the derogatory terms for example a whore and you may a great cunt, very significantly a great pig, that could backlink so you’re able to Kokichi which have a hate to possess “pig feet”, and you can proclaiming that she is such things as unsightly, smelly and you may useless. Kokichi’s remedy for Miu seems far harsher than simply with someone else as he most of the time looks genuine when you find yourself insulting the lady, in the event becoming a good masochist, Miu often merely features new insults. In her matchmaking graph, the guy requests the girl to find for her knees. The 2 are noticed insulting both several times inside trials, which have Kokichi effective such arguments due to their stronger character.


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