March 3, 2020

Amazon SEO Service : Rank Amazon Product Page on Google ?

Amazon SEO - Product Ranking
Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular shopping (eCommerce) Site in United States of America and Canada, Almost Globally. There are tons of sellers on Amazon. So it’s not easy to rank your Amazon Product Page on Search engines. If you really want to rank your Amazon Product Page try our Amazon SEO Service. Our Amazon SEO Service will help you to understand Amazon A9 Algorithm or Amazon Ranking Algorithm.

Google and Amazon both have same intention. Read this post you will get to know about Amazon SEO Strategy. After reading this Amazon SEO Service post you won’t need and Amazon SEO expert or any Amazon SEO consultant.

Amazon SEO Service
Amazon SEO Service

So today I will Explain, you How to Rank your Amazon Product Page on Google or you can say Amazon SEO Service

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What is SEO and Basics of SEO

There are various product categories. Amazon has got a huge Authority so it will not take much time to rank your product page.
People mostly enter the query on search engine. So on people will type like buy an iPhone. For sure Amazon will be there be on first page, but there are many iPhone sellers on Amazon.

Seller who has written SEO friendly description that google loves will be on First Page.

Amazon SEO Video


Amazon A9 Algorithm


A9 is the Amazon product search algorithm. Once the A9 Algorithm determines which products matches consumers querry, A9 algorithm add them to most relevant searches.

From the massive list of their products they sort some relevant products.As I Said Google and Amazon both have same intention they are looking for relevance. Relevance includes your title and product description.

Rank Amazon Product Page with our Amazon SEO Service



1) Title

Write Suitable, Attractive and SEO friendly title. Amazon Product title has a character limit of 500 words. So you can add multiple Keywords. I suggest you to Add untapped Keywords and Some LSI keywords in your title. Start your title with Keyword. Start with Keyword as shown in the Image Given Below. Consumer enter keyword to search the product. So this is one of the most Important Factor

Rank Amazon Product Page

2) Images

Add unique Images. Add at least 4 to 5 Images. Take it from all side. More than 1000*1000 pixels Image recommended.

3) Unique Description

Write unique Product Description atleast about 300-500 words. SEO friendly description will boost your sale and trust. As I Said Amazon Algorithm A9 focuses on relevance. Relevance includes title and description.

4) Suitable Category

Add the product in suitable product category or else it will be meaningless. You will loose visibility on contingent searches.

5) Backlinks

Add some Quality Backlinks to your product page. If you want to rank it on google, because Algorithm of Google gives priority to Quality Backlinks. It must be related to niche and do not spam with exact match anchor text for link building.

6) Reviews

Reviews matter a lot. Make sure you provide quality product and reasonable price. If not the consumer will hit a negative review and you will loose customers and ratings.


7) Answer Questions

Answering question will increase trust and you can clear doubts and questions about the products of your costumers. See the Image given Below, 258 answered questions. This can help to increase amazon sales.

Amazon SEO Service

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