January 12, 2020
Amazon Tricks

Here are Amazon tricks if you are earning through the ‘Amazon Associate’ program. You may or may not know how Amazon Associate works?

When someone clicks your amazon associate link, a cookie is stored on the users’ system and once the user purchases a product by clicking on your link you earn a commission.

Some people use Amazon stores/review site or just posting shortened links on Social Media – there are lots more promotion methods which I won’t mention here as you get the idea.

One main challenge that everyone faces, no matter how they promote their Amazon Associate link, is trying to encourage people to click their link, right?

So here is how this little trick works:

  • Sign up if you have not already to Amazon Associate program


  • Select the Kindle Store category



  • Enter any niche keyword, and sort by Price: Low to High



Click here to visit the eBook page

  • Now, once you have your Amazon Associate code copied, share the link with friends, in groups on social media, in forums etc…


  • You will be sharing an awesome eBook which is completely FREE and at the same time will earn a commission should any user purchase something while the cookie is still active!


More Amazon Tricks Coming Soon! – Looking for Amazon Gift Cards? Check this!