July 25, 2020

50 Best Chrome Extensions

50 Best Chrome Extensions
Chrome extensions work only on Google Chrome Browser. Chrome is used by maximum number of users. Google’s product are more trusted. Google Extensions are beneficial and saves too much time. Chrome Extension Android Developer Name is given On the Extension Page. On Chrome Web Store, you can find List of all chrome addons. You can easily manage chrome addons. You can also say it as Chrome Plugins. Get Best Chrome Extensions List in the post.
Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

I am Gonna Share The List of 50 Best Chrome Extensions.

So in this post you will get to know about :

#1) Chrome Extension Meaning or Definition

#2) 50 Best Chrome Extensions
#3) Chrome Extensions Settings

Chrome Extension Meaning or Definition

Google Extensions are programming programs that can change and upgrade the usefulness of the Chrome program. You can also create it with the help of HTML and javascript. It is free to use, some of them are paid.

Best Chrome Extensions


Category 1) SEO Extensions

  1. Seo Quake – It provides SEO audit with SEO metrics.
  2. Check my Links –
  3. Moz – It is used to check the Domain authority, Page Authority, social score and Spam score
  4. Alexa Toolbar- It is used to check the Alexa Rank of the Blog.
  5. Majestic Backlink Analyzer – You can check the backlinks profile of any domain with this extension.
  6. SEO Site tools, site analysis – It is the full package of SEO and rankings like Page Rank, whois data, Alexa rank, SEO stats, social stats and much more.
  7. Meta SEO Inspector – It will help you to find metadata which will not be found while browsing.
  8. SEO peek – It will help for on Pages
  9. SEO Extensions – It provides details about SEO, SEM, and metrics of the Webpage.
  10. Evergreen SEO Checker – It checks social signals and also the on pages optimization.

Category 2) eCommerce Extensions

  1. eCommerce Outtakes
  2. E-commerce Promotions & Coupons
  3. Price Gravity
  4. Daily Deals
  5. Smart Search
  6. Create my own Online Store
  7. Smart Shopper
  8. Wishlist
  9. Tagnity – easy social eCommerce
  10. Saving Monk

Category 3) Social Extensions

  1. Social Champ
  2. Social Blade
  3. 360 Social
  4. Social Analytics
  5. Toolkit for Facebook
  6. Social Media Hub
  7. Social Share Check
  8. Facebook Social Share
  9. Social Exchange System
  10. The Notifications

Category 4) Other Extensions

1) Google news
2) Inbox by Gmail
3) Outlook
4) WhatsChrome
5) WhatsaApp for Webchrome
6) Adblock
7) Amazon Assistant for Chrome
8) Awesome Screenshot
9) Edit this cookie
10) Im translator
11) My IP address
12) Fotor Extension
13) Password Managers
14) Password Alert
15) Zenmate VPN
16) Easy PDF combine
17) Send Anywhere ( File Transfer)
18) My Search Dial
19) Find Me Freebies
20) Smart Video for Youtube

Google Extensions makes the work easier and also saves the valuable time, and does not need a new tab to open it. Google chrome Extensions are free of cost. This is the plus point of it. Chrome Extensions Development need HTML and javascript. It’s not easy neither Impossible. If others can develop extensions then why not you?.

Chrome Extensions Settings

Step 1) Click on the Right top of the browser inside the tab, the three horizontal line.
Step 2) Select More Tools > extensions

Step 3) Then you will get a list of Extensions, you can disable or enable it as per your need.

So which these google Extensions you have installed or which of these you think are must to use? Did you found the full list of Best Chrome Extensions beneficial?

I hope you all enjoyed the List of 50 Best Chrome Extensions.

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