Best Gaming Motherboard

Best Gaming Motherboard 2018

Best Gaming Motherboard 2018. Motherboard or main board one of the most important part of computer. While the processor, graphics card, and even the RAM speak directly to inquiry about performance, the motherboard will answer the more primary question of what you can run on your PC. Hardware harmony intermediate around the motherboard, because it is the body of a PC, into which all other parts must fit. As newly as ten years history, trying software repeatedly desired all components to meet very specific minimum requirements in order to run properly. You chose those element, then tried to find a motherboard that was well matched with all of them. That’s rare today. Make a choice a plan and besides of what the level say, almost any motherboard will accept parts fast enough or big enough to run that software well.

Best Gaming Motherboard 2018

►ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero Best Gaming Motherboard

Best Gaming Motherboard. ASUS new heat-sink is thinly engineered with an new burst design for maximum heat dissipation. On its top are capably angled facets that allow light from the platform controller hub to pierce through so your builds stand out unlike any other.

ROG’s ingenious Water-Cooling Zone lets you monitor your cooling tactics like never before. ROG Water-Cooling Zone’s twin water-temperature headers and flow-rate header feed information directly into ROG’s intuitive Fan X pert 4 utility ─ so you can stay on top of the heat and stay cool in every game!

OG’s amazing best FX audio technology has leveled up, carry an exceptional 113dB signal-to-noise ratio on the line-in connection and that means our best-ever recording quality. They also added a low-dropout regulator for cleaner power delivery to the Supreme FX S1220 codec.

ASUS is the earliest main board maker to support 3D printing, make it easy to customize your motherboard’s exterior and perk up system routine with a range of printable element.

This board designed for 7th Generation Intel® processors allows overclocked base clock frequencies up to or beyond 425MHz*. This convention result works in racing bike with the ASUS Turbo Processing Unit & providing an exciting new way to boost performance to extreme heights. With support for DDR4 memory to drive memory frequencies to 4133MHz (when overclocked).  T-Topology outing devise plus overclocked Socket provides superb memory-overclocking capability to let loose the full power of DDR4 by play down blend noise and signal sign.

►Asus Z170 Deluxe Gaming Motherboard

Best Gaming Motherboard. ASUS Deluxe series in an endeavor to make them type major motherboards that convey new meaning to the time ‘Deluxe’. primarily, these are the products that ASUS packs full with every objective present and potentially next generation feature regardless of price and they do so while still sustain a holistic design advance. For example the last generation Z97 Deluxe was a unique product which was not only feature-packed but also one of the best examples of what that generation of boards could achieve in the overclocking space. Now ASUS is launching the Z170 Deluxe and it’s one heck of an remarkable board.

ASUS has also gone in a new way with their Z170 Deluxe’s aesthetics. to such a great extent we doubt anyone will ever call this board ‘gaudy’ or “Ghetto Fabulous” like some accuse the previous generation of being. There are also sophisticated overclocking features which will allow anyone to get the unqualified most out of their new LGA1151 CPU and expensive DDR4 memory. These skin run the scope from a committed base-clock generator, to a highly advanced Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI} BIOS, to even a new and improved ‘one click’ overclocking solution. Most of these features we have seen before on other Asus Z170 motherboards, but when combined with a truly Deluxe power release system they bring new denotation to the phrase “overclocking friendly”.

►Gigabyte GA-Z270X Ultra Best Gaming Motherboard

Best Gaming Motherboard. The importance of the Z270X-Ultra Gaming is still on the PC gaming viewers but this time Gigabyte has rethought some of the hardware features and functionality to transport a motherboard that meets more gaming motherboard criterion than before.

In a market that is transitioning to RGB lighting being the norm the Z270X-Ultra Gaming is now an RGB- ready product, disparate its precursor which had red LEDs only. Gigabyte has also upped its game on the audio side of things by implement the latest Realtek ALC 1220 codec, balance to the relatively archaic ALC 892 found on the Z170 version.

Best Gaming Motherboard

The changes persist with redesigned heat sinks for both the PCH and CPU VRMs, and a new stern plastic shroud. The rear I/O connections have been tainted slightly with the two mini Display Port connections being replaced by a DVI-D port. Gigabyte has solitary the Intel Thunderbolt 3 controller found on the Z170 model, which was provide over the USB Type-C port, and replaced it with the AS Media ASM2142 controller.

The Z270X-Ultra Gaming is being situated between the Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming K3 and Z270X-Gaming K5 with a price point predictable to be around £160. As such the Z270X-Ultra Gaming will participate in the most competitive price division of the market at the side of other cost-competitive model from opponent vendors.

►Gigabyte GA-Z97X Best Gaming Motherboard

Intel’s first has well pep up CPUs have just been newly released, Intel’s Devil’s Canyon (unlocked K series Haswell Refresh) CPUs are estimated in just a month or two and rumors going around imply that Intel’s Broad well CPUs could even be unconfined this year too – from an buff perception there has never been a better time to upgrade your motherboard to the latest chip set on the block – Z97. Today we are delightful a closer look at our third Z97 motherboard courteousness of Gigabyte, more distinctively it is their Z97X-Gaming 7 motherboard which is their top of the range Gaming Series motherboard, even though they will have other more best boards from their Ultra Durable and OC ranges but those aren’t targeted explicitly at gamer. For anyone used to the Gigabyte G1 Gaming series of motherboards you may be astonished by two obvious visual changes. The first is the color format has shift from green and black to red and black. The second is that that G1 Series Bullets and Skulls have been replace by the “Gigabyte Eye” usually seen on their VGA series products. For some this may be a great move by Gigabyte, moving towards the more preferred and conventional “gaming” red and black colors, but for others it might be a bit wearisome to see ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI all contribution red and black as the primary color scheme on their gaming motherboards. What might be even more worrying is that MSI and Gigabyte both have Z97 gaming motherboard models dubbed “Gaming 7”, which will no doubt serve to confuse consumers. In terms of the feature set we have the usual prominence on high quality audio and networking which is pretty much the stronghold of the gaming motherboard scene. extra features include multi-GPU support and the new storage connectivity supported by Intel’s Z97 chip set.

►MSI Extreme Best Gaming Motherboard Intel X99

Best Gaming Motherboard. The X99 Chip set has been around for a while now and it’s about time we had a look at another offering from Intel’s premium desktop chip set. There are not many PC enthusiast motherboard manufacturers these days, with a few of the major players disappearing over the last decade. MSI have been around from the early days, and have endured a lot of change in the PC builder’s world, and the latest ranges have very strong branding and marketing so you have a good idea what you are getting into.

Do the products stand up to the hype? We have tested MSI products before and really liked them. Their MSI Nvidia GTX 980 Twin Frozr V is one of the most popular graphics cards to date and we like it lots too.

Packing the usual X99 features like DDR4, the MSI X99A Gaming 7 Motherboard is sporting MSI’s own flavor of features and not at least including USB 3.1.

Best Gaming Motherboard 2018

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