January 15, 2020

Best Home Security [2018]

Best Home Security System

Science has bestowed countless blessings over mankind, especially over the past few decades. Every province of life has been enhanced by the continuous evolution of technology. In medical science, new and improved medicines have reduced mortality rates tremendously. Science has actually made the entire world a global village, where we can meet and greet any and everyone, whether they are just around the corner or living thousands of miles away. The field of home security in particular has progressed by leaps and bounds, presenting the best home security gadgets and systems to the various needs of individuals and families alike.


Let’s take a look at some of the best home security gadgets & devices available in 2018. This list includes a mixture of professionally installed systems and DIY systems and covers a wide price range.


  • Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

It would be totally unjust if we didn’t include this amazing home assistant in our list of best gadgets for the year 2018. The Amazon Echo speakers are complemented by your personal assistant Alexa, which manages your smart home just the way you deem fit. By using simple voice commands, the Echo can make your daily tasks so much easier. It lets you integrate a variety of smart devices and acts as a central hub of command. Whether you need to listen to soothing music, stay up to date on scores, or want to call somebody important, Echo has got you covered.

So how does Amazon Echo work well with home security? Well, you will be glad to know that recently, major security companies have started collaborating with Amazon for complete integration of security systems with the functionality of Echo. Just order Alexa to turn on your Vivint alarm system, and it would do it for you with a simple voice command – just like that. In similar ways, you can manage your home’s thermostat and security lights. Plus, Amazon Echo has a pretty decent design, which works quite well aesthetically.


  • NetGear Arlo Q

NetGear has been able to impress us with their range of state-of-the-art cameras, including the NetGear Arlo Q. This powerful camera sees everything in Full HD (1080p) resolution, so you don’t miss anything or anyone in the crystal clear footage. A major feature which makes this camera particularly useful is that it offers two-way communication from your smart devices to the camera itself. That means you can easily communicate with and see the person standing in front of the cameras through your smartphone, even if you are miles away from your home, enjoying a vacation with your family. And like other security cameras, it has all the features which are necessary for protecting your households, such as infrared night vision, smart alerts for your mobile devices, and optional video recording features.

NetGear offers free cloud storage for up to seven days, so you don’t have to pay for storage if you don’t need it. This camera can easily be integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Home and thus will be a nice addition to your home. The price tag on this baby is a bit steep, but with all the features loaded in it, we’d say that it is well worth it.


  • Emerson Sensi

This semi-smart thermostat sensor offered by Emerson is quite practical and easy to use. The biggest perk of this device is its affordability. It has a very attractive price tag which is much lower than what its competitors are charging, thus reaching a larger target audience. The interface on this smart thermostat is easy to figure out on your own, which helps you save effort and time while getting all the benefits of a properly functioning thermostat control.

The interface doesn’t come equipped with some of the advanced features like geofencing and smart algorithm learning, but it is a mid-range device after all, and the low cost and durability is still bound to attract a lot of attention to this device.


  • Vivint Ping Camera

Vivint is undoubtedly among the leaders in the home security industry, particularly in North America. They offer a wide array of sophisticated state-of-the-art products, and the Vivint Ping Camera is no exception. Being an indoor camera, it gives you the option of two-way communication with whoever is in the room, even when you are traveling. You can easily keep an eye on your children and be ensured of their safety and well-being. With a centralized button, you get to connect with your family with just one push for instantaneous communication.

You can easily customize the notifications which Ping sends you by accessing your smart home cloud data. The video footage is recorded in Full HD as well and supported by effective infrared technology for optimum visuals. If you’re looking to add more security to your household with a touch of sleekness to it, Ping would be the way to go.


  • Mpow Security Motion Sensor

This solar powered motion sensor from Mpow acts as a bright LED light and a motion sensor at the same time, and guess what? It costs less than $25 for a pack of two lights. You get to choose between different lighting modes to adjust the LED motion sensor according to your household needs. You may either hang it for light in a certain place or apply a proper mount installation as well. The new model offered by Mpow is much more durable than its predecessors as well, so you don’t need to worry about the LED light wearing off too soon.

As it is charged with solar energy, the functionality could vary if the sunlight isn’t sufficient enough during the daytime, or if you place it in a shadowy area, so that’s a little bit of a downside. However, it survives through most inclement weather, which is quite convenient. You can operate it easily with the button on the backside of this LED motion sensor. Quite an effective bargain don’t you think? We think so too!


  • SmartCam D1

This sleek, formidable doorbell has an integrated camera installed that is able to recognize your family and friends through the cloud service, and also gives you special notifications. The video capability is supported by HDR, which complements the Full HD display for even better clarity, especially at night. You get to see the guests at your door from head-to-toe through the 4:3 aspect ratio.


Face Recognition w/ Human Detection: Receive alerts when visitors are detected at your front door. Create a list of your favorite guests and get alerts when the SmartCam D1 recognizes them. Abnormal Sound Detection: SmartCam D1 notifies you when it detects significant sounds outside your home so you never miss another event again. Night Vision: Produces sharp and clear videos around-the-clock with True Day and Night by adjusting accordingly to the lighting conditions of its location. Two-Way Talk: With a fully integrated two-way microphone and speaker, you can greet your visitors through the SmartCam+ app.


  • Amazon Cloud Cam ( Our Top Pick! )

When we talk about a dependable security camera with effective cloud storage capabilities, the Amazon Cloud Cam deserves to be mentioned. It views and records everything in 1080p resolutions, and allows for two-way communication between the camera and your mobile devices, so you can calm your dog to stop barking or even sing a lullaby to your toddlers to put them to sleep.

Amazon Cloud Cam

LEDs installed on the camera can be turned on/off conveniently from with the Cloud Cam application. This camera also integrates effectively with Echo for seamless operation. You get a 30 day free trial with this device, while a day’s worth of footage stored on the cloud is free.

Certain Amazon products also come bundled up together as a package called Amazon Key Kit with variations in individual product designs. The price tag on this cloud cam is also surprisingly low for the features it has to offer.


  • August Smart Lock

With the changing times, smart locks have become a necessity, especially in urban households. Carrying around keys to lock/unlock your doors is a thing of the past. Now you can control your front door right from the palm of your hand from anywhere across the globe. What’s more is that you don’t only get to control your smart lock with your handheld devices, you also get notifications whenever your door is operated by another family member, and the status of the door is displayed as well.

The convenience when your door unlocks for you right before you reach is quite something, isn’t it? It easily fits into your existing locking mechanisms with the simplest of steps involved and the hardware components are quite dependable as well, so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home while you are away.


  • Nest Protect

With a life expectancy of up to ten years, Nest Protect is one of the most dependable smoke and carbon monoxide alarms available on the market. You get the exclusive feature of hushing your Nest Protect anywhere from your smartphone, which works great when you’re hosting a barbecue. It comes equipped with a friendly voice which starts notifying you of potential threats before they have even occurred.

An amazing feature of Protect is that it analyzes and tests its operations around 400 times a day, to make sure that it is always dependable and reliable when an actual threat arises. If protection from fire hazards in on your mind, we would definitely recommend Nest Protect.


  • Logitech Harmony Elite

Universal remotes have become the new big thing for every smart home setup. Managing a wide array of gadgets and applications can be very stressful at times, and Harmony Elite lets you tackle just that. You get to manage an arsenal of entertainment devices, as well as other smart home gadgets with your universal remote. Harmony remote works with Alexa for voice control. All-in-one control of up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices.

You might be wondering how a universal remote falls under the category of security gadgets. Well, you can operate many functions of home security and lighting with this remote, which plays a vital role in keeping your house safe and active. Moreover, your Nest gadgets can be directly managed from this useful device, which definitely saves a lot of time and effort for you and your family.

The easy to use touch panel on this remote lets you scroll through your devices and related functions with ease. What’s more, it gives you suggestions based on your daily routine for an even more comfortable experience. Multiple functions can be customized under a single heading, which is fun and convenient at the same time. Just tap “Good Night” on this baby, and it will turn off the TV and lock the doors so you can enjoy a well-deserved sleep!


This was our list of some of the most dependable gadgets of this year. As technology progresses, more and more devices are being introduced, especially in the home security industry. We hope that these gadgets might be able to benefit you in securing your home. We wish you a safe and fulfilling 2018!