March 12, 2020

Best Torrent Sites [2017 Latest]

Best Torrent Sites

Torrent sites in big demand. Many of them search for Best Torrent Sites. So today I decided to share the list of Best Torrent Sites. Torrent is the kickass search engine.

Best Torrent Sites
Best Torrent Sites

About torrent sites

Torrent sites are websites that provide torrent files to download, most of them are absolutely free and the files which are downloaded through the torrent sites are really big. In internet almost all the big files and uploaded and downloaded via the torrent technology, there are a lot of torrent websites around us, so I will list the top 5 best torrent sites to download torrents.

Top 5 Best Torrent Sites

This is one of the oldest and the famous torrent download website, there were a lot of sites which came out around the time of creation of Extra torrent but most of them were removed as it was having illegal torrent and stuff, but this is one of the site that survived everything and is stable till now with best user service and the features of this website is also very good from the user end.

This is one of the best website to download any types of torrent, this site lists around millions of torrents which are uploaded and updated daily, you can download almost anything like movies, games, softwares, songs, TV series, etc. and everything is absolutely free to download. This website usual changes their domain regularly for security purposes, so check out google from the right domain, currently it is using their official org domain.


If you download movies online or get movies from your friends and families which they downloaded online, then you will surely know about the YTS AG websites, this is one of the best website which provides movies in almost all known languages, this is an international movie download website which has movies from all over the world, their database of torrent files is itself very large, you can image the collection of movies they may own.


Rarbg is another great torrent site like the private bay which has everything niche of torrent, this websites have all the latest cracked versions of the game, movies, TV series, songs, albums, TV shows, operating system image files, software and a lot more. You can get almost anything from this torrent site. It is one of the oldest torrent site that was created at 2008 itself which had millions of users by 2010 and rated as one of the best website by 2013. All the torrent files are available for free download in this website. The only con of this site is it has a lot of ads in it.

5. 1337X

The last site on our list is 1337X which is another beautiful site to download torrents, this site also contains torrents files for movies, games, TV series, software, etc. 1337X is also one of the oldest torrent site with a lot of trusted users. This was a famous website once upon a time which had a collection of all famous movies and games, where everyone came here to download movies and games via torrent.

Hope you all enjoyed the list of 5 best Torrent Sites


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