May 17, 2020

How to Block All Facebook Game Requests?

How to Block All Facebook Game Requests
Facebook Games are in demand as they have billions of active users on Facebook. But some of them think that it’s a headache. As they get too much of Facebook Games Requests. Learn about how to block facebook game requests

So if you are looking to Block Facebook Game Requests than you are at right place.

Facebook game invites automatic we all are fed up so we need to block Facebook game requests. Learn How to Block Game Invites on Facebook.

How to block facebook game requests


1) Open Facebook, at the top right a small arrow key, under that select settings.

block facebook game requests

2) Now click to Notifications at the left side of the menu.
3) Now under notification settings select the option of ‘On Facebook’


4) Now edit the option of App request and activity.


5) Now you will get the list of apps and Games, just turn it off whichever game or app requests or notifications you want to.

It’s done

So in this way you will be able to stop Facebook Game Invites on your iPhone, Android or on iPad.

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