April 20, 2020

How to find Expired Tumblr Blogs in Best and Simple Ways

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Expired Tumblr Blogs has more priority when we think about Web 2.0 SEO. It has a great authority plus it is less expensive and less time consuming. But you must select the proper working methods to hunt quality domains. Expired tumblr Blogs has great Domain And Page Authority, plus backlinks and good moz trust.

Tumblr has Domain Authority 99. And you will get a dofollow backlink. It comes under Parasite Pages. Previously I had explained about Parasite SEO.

Expired Tumblr Blogs
A dofollow backlink from DA 99 to your money site will boost your rankings. Expired Tumblr Blogs can surely boost your rankings.

Learn How to get a dofollow Backlink from Facebook for free?

So in this post what you will learn :

What are Web 2.0?

Benefits of Expired Tumblr Blogs?

How to Quickly find Expired web 2.0 Tumblr Blogs?

How to Register Expired Tumblr Blogs ?

What are Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 are the sites where you can make a free Blogs. Web 2.0 sites are like Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla, etc. These web 2.0 properties have great Domain authority.

Google trust this kind of authority web 2.0 sites. So it is easy to rank these sites.

So if you use expired Tumblr Blogs you will get great Page authority, Moz Trust, and Backlinks that will help you to boost your Web rankings.

Web 2.0 SEO will not cost you more, only you need to pay for proxies. All you need is to write unique and human readable content. Create your web 2.0 site like money site.

Add custom pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.

Benefits of Expired Tumblr Blogs

1) Construct Multiple Tumblr Blogs with different stay writings, stripped URL, and marked URL.

2) No cost required with facilitating.

3) It’s Free to Register! You got everything right

4) You get High-Quality details immediately

5) Quality backlink joins juice profile to your cash (main or Money) site.

6) Conceivable activity as Tumblr is being utilized by a considerable measure of REAL individuals.

7) Great Page Authority, Moz Trust and has backlinks also.

Expired Tumblr Domains Find it Easily

Method 1) Scrapebox

Scrapebox is one of the Best SEO tools. There is too much use of Scrapebox for SEO Work. If you are hunting Tumblr expired blogs with Scrapebox you need proxies, I recommend you all to buy from buyproxies.

1) Now open Scrapebox on your VPS

2) Check custom footprint option and enter above that into search bar, site:tumblr.com

3) Now enter two or three keywords and under that hit to keyword harvester, it will find tons of related keywords.

3) Now start harvesting with the help of these keywords.

4) After you get the list of expired Tumblr domains, at the right side select trim to root option and remove duplicate URLs.

5) You have the huge list now but all of them are not available. If you check them manually it will take too much time. But Scrapebox has given some premium addons which will make your work easier. Copy all URLs to Clipboard.

6) Open the Scrapebox vanity name checker and paste the URLs. It will show all available URLs. Export all available URLs.

7) You can check the metrics like Page authority, Moz trust, Backlinks with Scrapebox Page Authority. Open the addon click to Account Setup and enter the MOZ API key.

Method 2) Expired Tumblr Hunter

Supagrowth Expired Tumblr hunter is easy to use. Just enter your Keywords
First, check the option of Perform Register test
Enter the Keywords
Results will get displayed fast
Method 3) Seoquake
Note : This Method can be done only on Google Chrome. So if you don’t have Chrome Download it first.
1) First Download and Install SEO quake chrome extensions.
2) Now go to Google Search Bar and enter site:tumblr.com/profile + your keyword
3) Now check Manually one by one. Scrapebox vanity name checker makes the work easier to find available Tumblr blogs.
If you are tight on budget to buy Scrapebox you can use this method. It is totally free but too much time consuming.

How to Register Expired Tumblr?

1) Open tumblr.com, Go to Accounts under that hit to option of “+new”.2) Enter the title, the URL and click to create the Blog.

3) You can enter the password if you want to protect it from others.

4) If the URL is available you can register the expired Tumblr.


Find Expired Tumblr Blogs Youtube Video




Note : If you are registering multiple Blogs make sure you have some private proxies. I get proxies from buyproxies. If you do not use proxies it will be a big footprint.

Hope you all now can Find the Expired Tumblr Blogs and now you can easily registered the Expired Tumblr Blogs.

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