September 2, 2020

Free Apex Legends Coins – Apex Legends Hack 2019 [Guide]

Free Apex Legends Coins

Free Apex Legends Coins – How to Get Them?

Apex Legends has three main currencies with a minor difference of usage and there are different ways to earn them. So first comes “Crafting Metals” these you get by opening Apex Packs as you can also get apex packs just by playing the game as it is for free you can get this for real money too so this can be used to get skins like legendary skins, Epic Skins, Rare Skins & Common Skins, these skins cost 1,200,400,60 & 30 respectively. Apex packs provide you can opportunity to get loot boxes.

Free Apex Legends Coins

 Free Apex Legends Coins

Free Apex Legends Coins

Legend Tokens in Apex Legends How to Get them for free?

Now it comes to Legend Tokens; as these tokens can help you in unlocking characters and store-exclusive cosmetics but the good thing is these are absolutely for free and you get it for every match you play so the more matches you play the more legend tokens you can get as various of cosmetics can only be purchased with Legend Tokens only so you got to play more to get legend token more As when you start the Apex Legends Game as beginner you get six characters out of 8 so other two characters like Mirage and Caustic how you can get them for free.

We will tell you how you can get them all by the use of legend tokens so the working to get these characters is by playing more matches if you don’t want to spend real money as these characters cost 12,000 legend tokens and you can make Up to 600 legend tokens every time when you level up so it is going to take for you to up your level to 20 in order to earn a character in Apex Legends for free.

Free Apex Legends Coins

Apex Legends Hack to Get Free Apex Coins and Free Heirloom Knife

Now, we will be discussing about the real money micro-transaction currency in Apex Legends as it worth a lot it has a high value as you get only 1,000 Apex Coins for $9.99 while if you go for bundle package then you get free apex coins like you get 4,350 Apex Coins by spending your real money $39.99 and in this way you can get Apex Coins for free as in bundle package you get 350 extra Apex Coins and These Coins are for free, These Apex Coins are used to purchase Apex Packs that cost around 100 Apex Coins and these are more effective cosmetic loot boxes.

With the use of Apex Coins, you can also get Specific loot items that you want to get so by getting these apex coins generator for free you can purchase legendary items and characters too. And if you keep buying again and again loot boxes you can also get a chance to have free heirloom knife that’s also called as wraith’s heirloom.

You can also get the following free:


Apex Legend Bundle to Get Free Legendary Skins, Apex Coins and Frames

If you are new player to Apex Legends so here is a good news you have got an opportunity by the founders of Apex Legends as they have designed a Pack named as “Founder’s Pack” that helps to new players by offering them this package. So in this pack you get a legendary Skin named as Demon Hemlok weapon Skin and 2000 Apex Coins and exclusive founder’s badge three exclusive banner frames known as wraith, bloodbound & Gibraltar all of these things are included in the pack and now if you think that you are going to play this game for so long and you need cosmetics in this game then this is a great deal for you as soon there will be a battle pass in Apex Legends so go for this pack now and get free Apex Legends Skins, Apex Coins, Cosmetics and much more.