June 13, 2020

How to Change IP Address in Google Chrome Mac?

How to Change IP Address in Google Chrome

In this post learn how to change IP address in Google chrome mac.Proxies are huge in demand and used widely by Internet Marketers for different purposes. To avoid the footprints Proxies must be changed properly. Many of them use it for PBN (private blog Network) which I never Do, some of them use to create tons of social media accounts or many other purposes.

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How to change IP Address on Internet Explorer

So here I am to guide you for to change the Proxies in Google Chrome

Change IP Address Manually in Chrome Mac

Step #1) Go to the top right corner of chrome, there you will see 3 dotted lines vertically.


Step #2) Advanced Settings > Change Proxy settings


Step #3) Connections > Lan Settings


Step #4) Now enter the IP address, port , username and password.


Step #5) Now Go to Google.com and enter “What is my IP Address” and you will see that your IP address has been Changed.

There are many free Google Chrome Extensions for changing the IP’s. But I do not recommend it.

You can easily Change IP address with chrome addon or Google chrome extensions

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Hope you found this article useful.

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