March 27, 2020

How to pair openload links in Kodi?

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This post is regarding How to Pair Openload Links in Kodi or you can Kodi Openload pair fix or Fix Openload Pair Kodi. Before I Had Explained about Best Kodi Addons, How to Install Kodi on Firestick and How to Install Exodus on Kodi Krypton

Pair Openload Links in Kodi

About Kodi and Openload


Kodi is a smart application specially designed to be used in smart TV which is powered by android. Using this application, you can stream movies, songs, TV series, TV shows, etc. and Open load is an add-on of kodi application which is used by other third party add-ons to open links, all the add-ons which provides movies, TV shows, etc. which has video content will surely use this application. You will learn how to pair openload links in kodi

How to pair openload and URL Resolver in Kodi?

URL resolver is a native kodi add-on which is designed by the kodi developers themselves for open links in the application and it is open source which means other add-ons can also use this add-on to open links. But after some months there was a third party add-on name openload was introduced to the market which had better features and everyone loved it.
So other add-ons started using openload to manage links in their add-ons, which lead to a major problem in the kodi application, the application started crashing as the links triggered both the add-ons, URL Resolver and openload, so both the add-ons developers came forward to pair the add-ons so that the links managed by the respective add-ons will open in respective add-ons.
The pairing process is very simple, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Pair Openload Links in Kodi

  • Before going in to the process of pairing make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of both the add-ons, so that you can get all the process done without any interruptions.
  • Now open any of the application which has links using the openload add-on, so that the triggering of both the add-on will take place and you will get the error code with link to pair the add-ons.
  • The link to pair both the applications is, using this link you can pair both the add-ons with some simple process.
  • Or after upgrading both the application to the latest version you can directly visit the link mentioned above and pair the add-on, after the link opens in the browsers, you will see an error message followed by the guide to pair the add-on
  • And then you will also have the points necessary that makes you point out why these add-ons must be paired, without which the kodi application itself will crash.
  • Read everything, as some of the important points are mentioned there and click on the check box which says pairing agreement.
  • Now click on Pair and the process will go on for a while and after some time you will get a success message with Pair Conformation, you can unpaid them anytime by going into the advanced settings of one of the add-on.
  • That’s it you have successfully paired the add-ons, many people faced a lot of problem without pairing the add-ons and kodi itself got a lot of complaints after which it has promised pre paired add-ons in its next update version release. If you can’t pair still, then try reporting the issue.
In this way you can openload pair device with kodi or you can say pair openload links in Kodi.