April 29, 2020

Migrate Blogger to WordPress without Loosing traffic and Backlinks

Migrate Blogger to Wordpress without Loosing traffic and Backlinks
Most of the Newbie Bloggers first create Blog on Blogger, then they realize it WordPress is much better than Blogger Blogs for SEO and Website Rankings. So this guide is on transfer Blogger Blog to WordPress(self Hosted) or to Export Blogger to WordPress or you can migrate blogger to WordPress

The method is free and the little time consuming. Many of the freelancers charge $100 for Blogger to WordPress Migration service. So this post will save your $100 for migrate blogger to wordpress


WordPress has many good features like it is more SEO friendly and plus it has plugins feature, it makes the work easier. All you need is hosting. Blogger provides free Hosting. So Blogger is not bad. Blogger Blogs are also beneficial but You cannot have full control on your Blogger Blogs, as the Blogger is owned by Google. So if it founds any unnatural activity it may penalize your site without giving you any warning. This is the main drawback.

So basically a newbie guy start a blogging for free on Blogger, later on, he/she mostly decides to move it to WordPress. So this guide is useful for that kind of people.

You don’t have to be scared, you will not loose your Backlinks or traffic or any other metrics all will remain same while migration. Migrating a Website to WordPress is not as simple neither impossible.

You can easily migrate blogger to wordpress with my method.

Note: You can even Migrate WordPress site to new Host

And also you can migrate WordPress Blog to New Domain.

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

1) Hosting
2) WordPress Blog Theme
Step 1) Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > others > Backup

migrate blogger to wordpress
Step 2) Download the Blog, it will be downloaded the XML file.
Step 3) Open WordPress Dashboard > tools > Import.
Step 4) As we have export the blogger Blog, we will get an option of Blogger Blog inside import option.
Step 5) It will download the WordPress plugin called Blogger Importer (WordPress Migration Plugin). Once it is installed you need to activate it.
Step 6) Now you need to upload the XML file which you had downloaded in step 3.

Step 7) Upload the file and Import it.

Step 8) That’s it Done.

Now the Blogger Blog has been Migrated. Now you have to Change the permalinks make it short as much as possible, use the main keyword in the permalink.

Install and activate the Yoast Seo Plugin, it will help you to show the on pages SEO errors. This plugin will make your work easier and will help you to make your every post on Pages SEO in a perfect way.

Video For migrate blogger to wordpress


WordPress Plugins


The Plugin is a kind of software which helps to get work done easier. It is created with the help of PHP the programming language. There are some free WordPress plugin and some are paid. Anyone can develop WordPress plugin with PHP. WordPress premium plugins are paid but not too much expensive but are damn beneficial. The WordPress plugins will make your work damn easier. Wp plugins are easy to install and use. Here is the below list of WordPress plugins for SEO, you must check it.

WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO

All in one SEO

Twitter Feed Pro

Rank Reveal

Ultimate Video SEO plugin


SEO Tags

SEO Meta

SEO Post Content Links

SEO Friendly Images

SEO Smart Links

SEO super comments

SEO Consultant

SEO editor

All in One SEO Pack

W3 Total Cache

WP social SEO Booster

REL Nofollow Checkbox

Best Hosting Sites for WordPress Blogs


1) Hostgator
2) Bluehost
3) Siteground
4) Godaddy
5) Dreamhost
6) Inmotion Hosting

7) Linode

8) A Small Orange

9) iPage

10) Wpengine

11) Network Solutions

10 Best WordPress Themes


1) Origin
2) Impreza
3) Upright
4) Be theme
5) Fashionista
6) The Core
7) Hatch
8) Uncode
9) Moesia
10) Arcade

Now it’s your turn to take the benefits of WordPress Blog. Hope you all found it easy to migrate blogger to wordpress.

If in case if you found any difficulty for migrate blogger to wordpress feel free to contact me on Facebook to Migrate WordPress Site.

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