March 18, 2020

Parasite SEO: Ultimate Tutorial

Parasite SEO 2016-2017 Tutorial
Once I had read an article about Parasite SEO on Blackhatworld forum. If you want to know Parasite SEO Tutorial just continue reading this post.
So from that post, I got an idea and I keep on experimenting on Parasites sites. Forget GSA SER try our Parasite SEO Services
Parasite SEO Tutorial
Parasite SEO Tutorial

SEO services are huge in demand and very expensive as it gives so good returns. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO are two main types of SEO. You can read my article about basics of SEO.

Learn How to Rank Youtube Videos on google in minutes

So in this post, you will get to know everything about Parasite SEO.

1) What is Parasite SEO?

2) Parasite SEO list

3) Benefits of Parasite SEO Tutorial

4) Rank a Facebook Page with Parasite SEO

What is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO means when you use other Large Authority Site Like Youtube, Facebook to create Pages, you rank these Facebook Pages or Youtube Videos by hitting the tons of Backlinks. You are ranking the Internal Pages of these authority sites, so do not think if you are ranking Facebook Page, it does not mean that you have ranked Facebook site.

I recommend GSA or if you are tight on Budget you can buy GSA Backlinks from me. It is similar like web 2.0 you create a Blog on Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr and you Build tier 2 to make Tier 1 Strong. In the case of Parasite Tier 1 is also strong, just you need to blast with GSA backlinks.

Note: When you build Backlinks with GSA, make sure you have got some good proxies.

Google love these sites, these sites will never get penalized. Some of them use these sites were used for link Wheel or for tired link Building purposes.

I provide tons of GSA Backlinks. You can contact us for SEO services.

It’s not only Backlinks you have to Blast, but you also need to proper Keywords, add LSI keywords, add untapped keywords.

It will rank very well on search engines.

I did a lot of research on the Internet, it takes time to learn, understand and then implement. But parasite results are beneficial and for the long term.

There are many Parasite SEO Tutorial ebooks which you can buy it. If you read this post twice or thrice you do not need an ebook.

Parasite Pages List:

1) Facebook

2) Blogspot

3) Instagram

4) Reddit

5) Stumbleupon

6) Pinterest

7) Amazon Product Pages

(Learn How to rank Amazon Product Pages on Google)

8) Youtube
(How to rank Youtube Videos on Google in minutes)

9) Twitter

10) Delicious

11) Digg

12) Soundcloud Music Pages

13) Udemy Pages

14) Yahoo Answers

15) Etsy Product Page
(Learn Etsy SEO tricks)

16) Tumblr

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17) Fiverr

Read Fiverr Tutorial

These sites have great authority, Google will never penalize these Parasite Pages. You can Blast it with GSA SER SEO tool. Alternatively, you can buy high quality expired domains and redirect them to your money, which will give them the boost they need.

Benefits of Parasite SEO Tutorial

Local SEO

Organic traffic

Video SEO

Building Brand

Fast Results

Rank a Facebook Page with Parasite SEO Tutorial

1) Name your Facebook Page with your Keyword.
2) Add a Cover Photo and Profile Photo.
3) Add the Keywords, untapped keywords, LSI keywords into the post.
4) Write the Posts daily
5) Blast it with GSA SER. Make sure you have proxies and emails to make it powerful.

It took a few weeks to understand the process, finally, I got success for Parasite SEO in 2016 for my Facebook Pages and for Youtube Videos. Even ranking some buffer sites with the Parasite SEO method.

Hope you all understand the concept of Parasite SEO Tutorial.

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