PUBG Battle Points Hack

Our PUBG Battle Points hack contains the best ways to earn Battle Points quickly, so you can open more crates and get more cosmetics.

PUBG Battle Points Hack

Dropping into a map filled with players hungry for blood is part and parcel of PUBG. Whether you manage to survive the ensuing chaos or fall victim to the swing of a Pan, you’ll be rewarded with Battle Points (BP). Players will always earn BP for playing matches and they are used to purchase crates which contain a variety of cosmetic rewards. If you want a snazzy new t-shirt, a well-fitted shirt or a rare hoodie, then you’ll need to earn BP to be in with a chance. There are currently three criteria to fulfill when earning BP in PUBG, and they all correspond to how well you perform in the game. Die early without really accomplishing anything? Then you’ll earn far less than someone who’s eliminated a number of opponents before bagging a Chicken Dinner. Below we’ve put together a simple guide which will help you earn more BP per match so you can get spend them on those cosmetic-filled crates.

PUBG Battle Points Hack

How To Earn More BP


When it comes to earning BP in PUBG, it comes down to how well you perform in the game. Here are the criteria for earning BP:

  • Kills – How many players you’ve killed.
  • Rank – How long you survived in a match.
  • Hits – How much damage you inflicted on other players.

What’s more, you’ll also earn different amounts of BP depending on which mode you play. Here’s a breakdown of how much BP you earn for a win in each game type:

  • Solo – 800 BP.
  • Duo – 400 BP.
  • Squad – 200 BP.

PUBG Battle Points Hack

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