April 8, 2020

Etsy SEO 2017: SEO for etsy Sellers

Etsy SEO 2017

Etsy is a popular USA Ecommerce Site. There are tons of Sellers and Buyers on It. Every Seller wants to double their Sale on Etsy. If you are planning for starting an etsy store than you must read this post carefully. You can say this post as etsy ranking tool. Learn SEO for Etsy Sellers

So today I will tell you about Etsy SEO tricks and SEO for Etsy Sellers. After reading this post you will not need to search for Etsy SEO Services.

Before I Explained you All about What is SEO? Basics of SEO and also I explained How to rank Amazon Product Page.

What you will Learn :

What is Etsy ?

How does Etsy Makes Money ?

SEO for Etsy Sellers – Selling On Etsy Tips

What is Etsy ?


Etsy is Created by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Jared Tarbell, and Haim Schoppik. It was launched in 2005.
Kalin Said he named Etsy because he want a nonsense word. Because He want to build a brand from scratch. Source Wikipedia
Once you created an Account, you cannot change the username. 30 categories listed every category has subcategory.
You might be thinking how does Etsy makes money?
1) They Charge a listing fee of only $0.20 per product.
2) And for every sale of product they charge 3.5%.
These are the two ways with which Etsy makes Money.

SEO for Etsy Sellers- Selling on Etsy Tips

1) Add Proper Keywords – Keywords will help search engine to crawl easily. Start with Keyword as shown in the Image Below. If you add keyword at the last it will not be much SEO friendly. Just look at the Image given below. Look at the title multiple keywords have been added to make it SEO friendly. I can say these are the best keywords for Etsy.

SEO for Etsy Sellers

2) Suitable Category – Submit your product to a suitable category. Unsuitable category can harm your Etsy rankings and bad impression for your consumers. A Suitable category will help Etsy filters to get you targetted traffic.

3) SEO friendly description – Write long description with organic keywords. Let your readers know everything about the product from A to Z. It will gain trust. Include 3-4 images with long description.

4) Add Keywords into the tags – Add as many related tags as you can. Tags must be keywords and related to it. Etsy allows you at add upto 13 tags. If you want some good keywords you can use Google Keyword Planner or other tools like Semrush, Long tail pro, keyword revealer.

5) SEO friendly meta description – Meta description will be helpful for search engines to crawl the page easily. Meta description must be SEO friendly with related Keywords.

6) Relisting – Esty Algorithm also focuses on relisting and updating. It will improve your Etsy rankings. Make some more changes in relisting to get more Impressions.

7) List Quality Products – If you have added proper keywords, suitable category, SEO friendly description but you do not have listed quality product the Etsy SEO tricks will be wasted. If the product is good consumers will buy again and again.

Implement changes according to Etsy algorithm. So you must keep changes according to Etsy Algorithm.

If you want to rank an Etsy Product on Google, you can try Link Building Tactics like Web 2.0, Article Submission, wiki links and much more.

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” If you do not Have reviews, it’s not going to do anything to affect your score. ” said by Etsy Senior Product Manager.

So now you have Etsy SEO tips, just implement it and see the changes. You will see the changes soon. Hope you enjoyed SEO for Etsy Sellers.