June 25, 2020

What is SEO? & SEO Basics & types

Nowadays Website Ranking is very hard and huge in demand, SEO is the method with which people rank websites.
Now the Question is ‘What is SEO? and SEO Guide and how it works?

It is an organic non-paid search result. For that, it takes too many efforts,that’s why SEO consultant charge more $$$$.This post is for newbies who want to know the basics of SEO and SEO Guide

What is SEO ? SEO Guide
SEO Guide
Learn How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google?

What is SEO ? and SEO Guide

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. You will learn Search engine

Optimization basics in this post.

According to searchengineland,
It is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial or natural

search results on search engines.
When a user enter, a query on the search engines, say Google, Yahoo or

Bing etc, or any other search engines to search for information on the internet,the particular search engine finds the website for the required keywordsand displays a huge list of the websites.

To improve and aid this search a modern technique called

search engine optimization (SEO) is used.

It constitutes of the single activity that ensures a particular

a website can be found or accessed in search engines for words and phrasesrelevant to what the site is basically offering.

SEO services are huge in demand, some are legit, some are scams.

If you made the search engine and your readers both happy then we can say it

is a properly SEO optimized site.

SEO is not an easy method, it’s too much time consuming, it needs some huge talent and efforts.

Many of the companies spend more money on SEO services because they know

the importance of organic traffic.

SEO marketing helps to increase the popularity of the site and also generates

leads sales and conversion.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, “Content is King, but marketing is queen, and

runs the household.

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It helps improve the visibility of website on organic search engine result pages.

(SERPs), through the integration of elements that are search engine friendly

into a website.

Search engines always try to provide the relevant and unique content to

their users.

So remember ‘Content is King ‘. No one can rank on top if they don’t have high-quality content.

Look at the articles of Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Amit Agarwal,etc. They are unique and long.

So what makes a successful SEO campaign?

It is ought to have as part of the improvements, carefully

select keywords which the on-page optimization will be designed

to make prominent for search engine algorithms.

SEO functions in a way so that the content of a specific website is modified or

tampered and viewing only the most commonly used keywords and search


Search engines cannot find a site without SEO. A site with HQ content and no

SEO cannot get good results. If a site has low-quality content with proper SEO,

still, it can hit by Google Panda. And user will get quality information.

To attain the desired results from search engine optimization, SEO works to

improve website’s ranking by removing session IDs and making pages spider

able, linking other pages to the site through text or image links, using most

commonly used keywords, headings, and subheadings, and using key phrases

in the web contents.

It targets different kinds of searches:

Web search, image search, local search, video search, news search and

industry-specific vertical search engines.

Instead of hiring SEO consultant, read this post again and again or contact me

on Facebook for SEO queries.

Types of SEO and How it Works


Among many techniques used for search engine optimization include ensuring

that pages are indexed, well structured, have descriptive titles, headings,

and text with the use of targeted keywords.Google webmaster is a best free tool for SEO report of our site. Submitting asitemap is very much important.SEO used for improved ranking of a website are of two types as black hat SEO

and white hat SEO.

What is Blackhat SEO ?


Black hat SEO is applied using unethical and deceptive ways for a promotion of

websites or use of spamming,keyword stuffing or cloaking.

One of the black hat SEO techniques involves a use of hidden text either as

text having the same color as that of background or positioning of such text off

the screen.

Needless to say, it has its drawbacks with many reported cases that resulted

in many popular websites getting banned.

When search engines discover such unfair means they penalize these sites

either by lowering their rank or removing them from the database.

So if you are looking for long term results, skip the Blackhat Methods.

Mostly event bloggers use blackhat methods, for long term blogs it will never

work. Often search engine penalized for this kind of practices. Some day you’re

the site will be deindexed from search engines.

Blackhat SEO Methods

1) Keyword Stuffing

2) Unrelated Keywords

3) Unrelated Backlinks

4) Unnatural Backlinks

5) Spun or Copied Content

6) Cloaking

7) Hidden Links

8) Link Bait

9) URL Hijacking

10) Link Farms

What is Whitehat SEO?


This is suitable for long term projects. So I always recommend it. You must

create unique content and try to gain backlinks naturally.
Totally in a natural way, no spam and it works but it takes time. Both the

On Page and Off page SEO must be done in a natural way to gain more

authority. Google loves authority sites like Moz. Everyday 1 article is posted the

Moz site with complete white hat strategies. Site structure is also an important

factor for white hat SEO, which you can see on the site of Moz. It has a proper

site structure.

I highly recommend you all go for white hat methods if you looking for long

term results.

According to Matt Cutts, The Objective is not to ‘Make your Links Appear

Natural’ ; the objective is that your links are natural.

On Page SEO Tutorial


On page SEO techniques are a must for website rankings. It includes content,
title tags, meta tags, permalinks, Keywords, Keyword density, Image Alt text.
You must add LSI keywords, untapped Keywords to make it more relevant.
Google Keyword Planner is a best and free tool for finding Keywords, it also
provides related keywords which you can use to boost rankings. You can find
Untapped keywords below the search result.

Internal linking is also a main factor for rankings. Take a look at Wikipedia.

It has a deep internal linking which helps the user to stay more time on the site.


Internal linking has been done in every line one or two times between a

sentence. Try to add your keywords in first and last page, so that search

engines can crawl it easily. Brian Dean On Pages SEO guide is too much useful.

On Page SEO Tips

1) Start your Title With Keyword

2) Write Long and Unique content at least of 1800 words.

3) Add alt tags, caption to your Images.

4) Content must be SEO friendly. It must include heading, sub-heading, minor heading.

5) Improve your Site Structure.

6) Add Multimedia like Images, Videos, and Infographics.

7) Enter your Main Keyword in your first and last paragraph.

Off Page SEO Tutorial


It is a kind of activity that you do through in OFF way directly to your Blog/site to rank in search engines.
Off site SEO is a bit complicated and lengthy process, but the results are great if done properly.
Off page optimization mainly consists of Blog marketing, social networking,
directory submission, article submissions, blog commenting and much more.
1) Blog Marketing
2) Social Networking
3) Directory Submission
4) Article Submission
5) Blog Commenting

6) Local Listings

7) Video Marketing

8) Forum Posting

9) Search engine submission

10) PPC Ad Campaign

You can read in the ultimate guide on Off page SEO written by Neil Patel.

Also, you can try Parasite SEO. It means you rank the inner pages of the

authority sites like Amazon, Youtube Videos, Facebook Pages, etc.

Read this Parasite SEO tutorial.

So what all changes and results you got after implementing the SEO methods,

which practices you implemented more for On page SEO and Off Page SEO, so

do you prefer Whitehat SEO or Blackhat SEO?

please do share in the comments section below about the SEO.

Hope you all understand ‘What is SEO? and SEO Guide

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