August 18, 2020

Stop Indexing Blogger Blog From Search Engines

Stop Indexing Blogger Blog

Sometime’s it necessary to Stop Indexing the Blog from search engines, there are not too many but some reasons for it like the site is not fully ready there are some errors like site structure is not ready, not too much content, template customization like these errors are faced by us for new Blogs. Submitting site to webmaster and a sitemap is must.

When the blog is fully ready, you must index the blog, to be honest, low-quality blogs do not get good traffic from Search engines. Web Index is important for web rankings. We submit URL to index the Blog. Search engine indexing helps to gain the targetted traffic. Blogging is not as easy as we think, we have to face ups and down situation in terms of traffic.

The process is too much simple and it hardly takes two minutes to do it. Basically, We make the On-site things too much creative and correctly, so as to make the good impressions towards search engines, it is a part of SEO to make the search engines happy it is good for blog health.

Now with this method, your site will not be crawled by search engine bot and also it will not be indexed.

Step #1) Open Blogger > Settings > Basics > Privacy

Step #2) You will get different options, Add your Blogs to Listing and second let search engine finds your Blog? hit no for both these options.

Step #3) That’s it, it’s done.

Do experiment this for new blog till it is in beta condition. As it is properly ready to make search engine happy, then allow it to get traffic organically.

Hope you all got to know the concept of How to Stop Indexing Blogger Blog from Search engines.

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