Boost Your Sound System with SVS Subwoofers

The subwoofer is the heart of the audio system; it not only delivers extremely powerful bass but also well manufactured to detect the lowest frequency of sound. A single subwoofer is capable of creating enough bass for all the available speakers. Subwoofer takes advantage of the human’s lack of detection of frequency in a different direction. Hence the produced sound comes out as unison.


Frequency plays a crucial role in any music. The proper adaptability of the frequency fluctuation must be taken into consideration while choosing an ideal subwoofer. To feel the music, the layers of music must be kept intact; any blending would definitely ruin the mood. But a subwoofer can establish a proper connection and deliver the sound that is true to the source.


The objective of creating an ambience with perfect sound quality can be meeting by the installation of the subwoofer from a decent company.

Low-frequency detection and extension

Subwoofers primary job is to pick up the low frequency and reproduce it efficiently. But most of the companies just to cover up their flaw overemphasized their bass and rather produces a blended and distorted sound. Any subwoofer that can produce a low frequency of 20Hz is considered as an ideal choice. Well, any undesired modification can lead to a boomy and auto-tune sound that is a complete delusion from what the actual sound is.

Stability in frequency and accurate response

The subwoofer should not crack no matter how high the volume has risen. Unlike the speaker, the subwoofer creates its own environment and tuned with the amplifier and produce authentic sound without any crack or distortion. One thing that’s crucial is the accurate delivery of sound with actual notes and beat as composed by the artist.

The subwoofer should be made in a compact size to fit easily with all home theatres and computer speakers. The driver size is generally between 10-12 inches for almost all subwoofers. The drivers are made of ceramic metals mostly to assemble with the motor and produce a parabolic sound. The power supply should be more than 600 watts so that it performs in seamlessly.

Distinctive features of SVS SB 2000

They are designed to deliver the massive output and powerful bass. They pick up frequency below 20Hz and reproduce it extensively that is true to the source. The cabinet is of compact size that is seal packed that ensure extra bass to music and a perfect fit for jazz, pop and upbeat music.

Aluminium vented cone helps to keep creating a room energized sound pressure level. Due to the fibre dust cap, the subwoofer remains stable at even its highest drive level. The pole extensions are aluminium made that provides thermal stability when the cabinet excessively heated. The coil is designed with two layers coat that provides accuracy from the source while minimizing the distortion alongside the maximizing power consumption. I have tried and narrowed to clear and detailed SVS subwoofer review highlighting all the important points that needed to be considered before buying one.

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

Did you get one yet?

If you are planning to buy a subwoofer, choose a company that has been in this business for a couple of years such as Amazon. Read the articles they wrote about their product and customer reviews. Analyze the records then make a wise decision, keeping in mind all the explained points.