December 25, 2019

Video-to-Audio Conversion with Movavi

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MOV, despite its popularity with Mac owners, is not that widely supported and it may take you some time finding the right software solution for it. MP3, on the contrary, is the most popular audio format due to its compatibility with most of the programs and devices. That’s why if you’ve got the need to convert video to audio, you should probably go with MP3 & the tool you need is Movavi Video Converter that can easily change AVI, MP4, or MOV to MP3, as well as convert between any other formats.




You can upload as many files as you want because the program easily processes multiple videos simultaneously. However, this doesn’t slow down the system at all, as one may think. Why? Because the converter makes the processor cores work in the most efficient way by calculating the CPU load. Plus, you can minimize the tool to the system tray and keep using other programs during the conversion.


If you’re going to extract audio from video on a regular basis, you can activate the Watch Folder function. This means that the files in the folder you’ve chosen to monitor will be converted automatically with the parameters of your preference.




The bitrate of 320 kbps will ensure that your output audio has the highest quality possible. You can choose it from the presets available in the Audio tab, or set it yourself by increasing the desired size. However, this number will be approximate and not the exact value.


For more advanced settings, go to the cogwheel icon where you’ll find the list of the parameters you can tweak: sample rate, bitrate, bitrate type, and channels. The changes you make will be saved automatically so you can use the custom preset later.




If the sound in your video is not exactly what you need, you can easily work on it before converting the file to MP3. You can trim the track and cut out unnecessary pieces from any place – intros, silent endings or useless bits in the middle. You can enhance its quality as well – normalize volume and remove background noise. Click Apply to all files so that all of the audio files are enhanced automatically.




Movavi Video Converter( enables you to convert files without delay whether you extract audio from video or simply change the format. Its easily operated interface doesn’t require having some special skills because everything can be done just in a couple of clicks. Not only does the program support a vast range of formats, but it also has optimized settings for conversion to mobile devices. Plus, the speed of conversion is considerably higher than the performance of other converters due to the compatibility with the latest Intel and NVIDIA technologies.


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